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The Association has a number of clubs across Kent and Sussex, each of which is run by qualified and experienced coaches - referred to in the dojo by the title 'sensei'. All of the Club Coaches are insured and have passed the Enhanced DBS check.

The Organisation uses a Code of Practice, which shows not only how the Organisation is professionally run but also the conduct expected of all students.

The atmosphere of the clubs is very friendly and new members are always welcome.

Although the primary focus is on teaching traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu, there is also coverage of Ground-Fighting, Atemi Jitsu (strikes) and Kobudo (traditional weapons). This approach reinforces the principle of Japanese Ju Jitsu being a 'complete' martial art.

Please browse the website and don't hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions.

Hopefully, we'll see you soon!

The Founder of KRJJA

Soke Roger Wilkes 10th Dan

The Association began in 1973 with our founding coach, Hanshi Roger Wilkes. Having a background in several martial arts and having discovered Ju Jitsu, he decided that this was the path he wanted to follow. The Association grew from a single club in Rochester to the Association it now is, with all of the coaches being 'home grown'. Because of our long existence we have a great many friends in many countries and this allows members to travel and train with them and to also host their visits here in the UK, extending our learning opportunities.

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